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Experienced. Certified. Supportive. Helping You Move Forward with a Guide for Your Goals. 

Coach Shannon is a certified health and fitness life coach who provides limitless endurance and power, both naturally and spiritually with daily weekly, monthly and yearly goal setting lifestyle changes for mind, body, health and fitness struggles. Coach Shannon Adams provides the ins and outs of health awareness.

Order her book Glorify God in Fitness Today and Social Justice at Story Time directly from

Contact Coach Shannon:

Coach Shalecia is a money savvy how to save for a rainy day financial literacy life coach.

Money is often considered a taboo topic. Yet, learning about money is essential for people to be able to navigate the financial system with confidence. Coach Shalecia Callaway provides the core ins and outs of financial literacy for a successful, peaceful, financially stable lifestyle. 

  Contact Savvy Queendom: 

Coach RayShaun is a Certified Transformational Life Coach. 

He provides personal development mindset mentoring programs for both young men and women.

Contact Coach Ray:

rlstewartministries@yahoo. com or  214.886.4029. 

Coach Blocker is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach that help individual's change the way they think and operate through the power of endurance. Contact Coach Blocker: 214.803.8150.



Coach Shirley  is a spritural literacy life coach who povides motivation to people who are struggling with hurt from past life challenges to be able to navigate the through pray to get pass the pain with confidence. Coach Shirley Williams provides the core ins and outs of spiritual literacy for an effective  peaceful, spiritual stable lifestyle. 

  Contact Coach Shirley at


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